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Proud Watford's Vision & Mission


Our vision is for Watford to be "A Place Without Prejudice".


A town where members of the LGBTQI+ communtiy and the wider Watford community is entirely at ease with itself and each other and where everyone takes active and ongoing steps to create and develop a wholly inclusive local community that recognises the importance of self-expression, ability and disability.

Pride Launch flags outside the town hall
the oroud watford team outside the LP cafe


To deliver a range of Proud Watford branded primarily artistic events working alongside Watford people, groups, organisations, businesses and other allies, with the aim of promoting LGBTQI+ visibility and equality through accessible and widely appealing performance, outreach, signposting and information.

post show questions after three proud men on stage
proud beerfest adverts
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Proud Watford is led by an independent group of local volunteers from the LGBTQI+ community and allies drawn from the voluntary and business sectors.

Proud Watford is a project of the Pump House Theatre and Arts Trust a registered charity as part of its charitable aims to advance public education particularly through artistic activities.

Proud Patron: Brian Timberlake

Brian Timberlake

Proud Patron: Gill Worgan

Principal and CEO, West Herts College

Chris Wheeler

Harlequin Theatricals

Mel Mack

Mack Digital

Proud Patron: Peter Taylor

Elected Mayor of Watford

Proud Patron: Tyson Martin

Founder and Chair at Herts Pride

Lee Keogh

Watford Chamber of Conscience

Fiona Timme

Watford Cycle Hub

Proud Patron: Sharon Gaffney

The Pump House

Kate Jenkins

Watford Cycle Hub

Ian Port

Think About It Films

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