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The Proud Pledge
Business Challenge

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Support Proud Watford for £150 and show you know diversity matters

June is National Pride Month and we have set ourselves a challenge to recruit a dozen great Watford businesses to help us deliver our mission to create a town that’s without prejudice to anyone.

Why should your business take the Proud Pledge?

Signing the Proud Pledge is simple and powerfully reaffirms your active support for an inclusive town, where everyone feels welcomed.

By displaying the Proud Watford brand, your business tells your customers, staff and suppliers you understand taking active steps to create an environment without prejudice to anyone makes great business sense.

You will receive priority invitations to Proud Watford events and we’ll support you in organising your own inclusion and equality activities.

Your contribution will help Proud Watford continue to deliver an exciting range of events and activities where everyone is welcomed.

How do I join?

Sign the Proud Pledge and make a donation on the form.


You will receive a Thank You email with logos and assets to use on your website, social channels and other communciations, and will be invited to input and collaborate with future Proud Watford initiatives.

Show Your Support

We’d really appreciate it if you could take a selfie and tag @ProudWatford on social media – We’ll include it within our Proud Pledge Challenge communications and include your business in the Challenge media storm!

About Proud Watford

Please explore our website to discover more about our mission and activities.


Proud Watford is managed by a team of volunteers from the business community who are committed to Watford as a place without prejudice.

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Sign The Proud Pledge and Make a Donation

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